Are you excited about my new Crowley? I’ve got a lots of work to do, but here’s a little sneak peak. 

Are you excited about my new Crowley? I’ve got a lots of work to do, but here’s a little sneak peak. 

I’ve got a horrible headache, but I’m in mood to draw some Crowley realistic… ish.. portrait with horns… Who’s with me?

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Look I understand we’re all upset about Mark and Misha not being in the 200th episode.

but for the love of god DON’T BOYCOTT THE EPISODE.

You know what’ll happen then? Viewer ratings will plummet, and they won’t renew the series which will mean you won’t see Castiel or Crowley anymore, as well as the rest of the characters you love.

Don’t be selfish about this. Don’t boycott the episode.Think about how sad that’ll make all the people that worked so hard to make it.

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Feeling absolutly like shit today, because I need to go to school tomorrow, I don’t know in what classes am I supossed to be, because that messy system my school has. Even the byrocrats don’t know how does it work in there, which is quite typical to be honest. I’m afraid about like everything tomorrow…. And I need to wash my head, which is the reason I hate it even more. Too lazy to do anything… 
(I don’t want to find another classes I have to join in, I need to draw porn and destiel and everything kinky, because I didn’t have the oportunity to do that WHOLE SUMMER.)
Sorry for those text posts lately. 

The one thing that brightened up my day is that spn promo… Thanks god and lucifer and everybody for that

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I’m excited about demon Dean, because yep he’s freakin sexy. But the fact, that he doesn’t care about absolutly anything is the most painful about him. I’m not ready to be aroused and cry at the same time…  Again.. DAMN YOU SPN

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I told you, I’m gonna draw it… yayx 

I told you, I’m gonna draw it… yayx 

Hi guys!
I’m still alive and I’ve had one big job for summer (about 42 illustrations, which is like death to me, in two months). I was so looking forward to draw what I wanted to draw, I couldn’t and now I’ve got like just one week free… One week from the holiday before the school starts again. So this is a little bit “sorry post”, because I didn’t post anything interesting (except SPN S-artbook) for almost three months and I feel really horrible about it, because I didn’t have time to draw some fanart or anything else. But I plan to do some of it. 
Also, welcome new followers :). 
And at the end of the sorry post: How do you feel about Drowley (Dean/Crowey), because I ship them… More that I could admit to myself, so I’m thinking about drawing a little thingy with them. (I already see how many of those new and old followers I’m gonna lose because of it). 
Yours Jackie

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Hey there! Do you ever do any commissions/hired work?

Hi, well, I’d like to do some commissions one day. I don’t have paypal or something like this. Anyway, thank you so much for asking :) 

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Let’s go take a howl at the moon, love… 

Let’s go take a howl at the moon, love… 

I’ve got time for one silly doodle of this extraordinary man. 

I’ve got time for one silly doodle of this extraordinary man. 

Sneak peek from the art project I’ve just made for Project S : a Supernatural Artbook 
And it’s for a good reason: Action Against Hunger  
Lots of amazing artists are gonna be there, so take a look at the site. :)

I'm in love with your art so much I might even try to steal some of the elements and use them when I draw. Do you have any tips for aspiring artists besides draw as much as you can?

I have this message in my ask box for a while and I was really think about this question.
So, first of all:
Hi there, thank you so much, it’s really flattering and I was blushing everytime I read this. I’m still so overwhelmed by someone who write this kind of message to me. Because all I see is mistakes all the time and I’m never really satisfied with what I do (it has to be a really good piece or I have to see progress that I’ve made since the begining of my blog for example).

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It’s here, guys… 

It’s here, guys… 

Happy birthday to meeee!

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