punkdentist asked:

I'm in love with your art so much I might even try to steal some of the elements and use them when I draw. Do you have any tips for aspiring artists besides draw as much as you can?

I have this message in my ask box for a while and I was really think about this question.
So, first of all:
Hi there, thank you so much, it’s really flattering and I was blushing everytime I read this. I’m still so overwhelmed by someone who write this kind of message to me. Because all I see is mistakes all the time and I’m never really satisfied with what I do (it has to be a really good piece or I have to see progress that I’ve made since the begining of my blog for example).

Well, you can inspire from someone, but don’t steal, I know that sometimes you can’t really help yourself. I found myself doing it - I discovered some artist and saw his/her work and i was like: Yeah, I can use this shit, because it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. I don’t know if you meant it like that or just like inspire (I’m sorry if I didn’t get it). But thank you so much anyway, because it’s still pretty big compliment for me.

Well, tips… It’s hard to say sometimes. But: don’t be afraid of using some references. Lots of artist says, that it’s the easiest way of drawing something. NO, it isn’t! Useing references doesn’t make you less skilled, conversely it makes you more flexible in realizing how the face works, or the body, or hands, or something else.

Try to do some drawing exercises (my little cousin was here for a while and she asked me to tell her what to draw, so I invented a little game for her and joined it. Try to draw something from your mind as quickly as possible. Whatever comes to your mind: dragon, unicorn, little girl riding a rainbow)

Draw what do you want to draw. (if it is a garden with lots of flowers, do it. If you like porn, draw it! If you like some gore pictures draw it too.) Sometimes I’m struggling with drawing fanart, because I feel like I’m not doing anything usable. But then I realize, that this is the thing I love to do. It makes me really happy and I can share it with fandom and be a part of something for a while. If you do something that you love, you improve really quickly, because you keep doing it. And the main thing is that you draw for yourself!!

I don’t know if this was some kind of helpful, because I’ve never answered this question before. So, thank you for asking me.
And don’t give up and draw everytime you can. (Sometimes there’s not mood, I know).
- Jackie